MBR – Membrane Bioreactor

MemTech is a game changer company that has developed a breakthrough polymeric ultrafiltration membrane for MBR with 50% higher flux at the same energy OpEx.

The Company’s polymer enables high flux through its membranes at low pressure, for a clear competitive advantage:

Lower CapEx and lower OpEx

 Less membrane area – smaller footprint

      Less fouling- reduced energy usage
The ultrafiltration membrane is 10 times more hydrophilic, has dramatically lower fouling and has much better rejection. These features benefit the user by providing a high flux MBR membrane with a small footprint, higher quality effluents for unrestricted wastewater recycling, lower fouling and thus reduction of the energy cost, and a highly customized product per client’s needs.

The R&D is being done in cooperation with the Technion (the Israel Institute of Technology), Arkema, the largest polymer producer in the world, Mekorot, the Israeli national water carrier, and Groupe SEB. ABB USA Process Automation is supporting MemTech in the engineering aspects of planned projects in North America.